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A week of exploring...

This week, students had a few opportunities to explore both the land around the school, and materials in the classroom. This allowed students to enjoy their school experience and really be a kid :)

In language arts this week, we continued on with our novel study, our spelling program, and our 'Words Their Way' sight word program. But in addition to this, students also got to experience story workshop again! This is an amazing activity that allows students to explore materials to play, create, and share a story. Students pick a story placement to create the setting of their story, then they pick characters to add to their story, and finally other materials and items to help create the plot of their story. After plenty of time to explore and create, students orally share their story with me and then with the class. Finally, students document their story on a story map. Net week, we will be turning these maps into written stories and finally digital video stories with the use of the app ToonTastic. I cannot wait to see how these turn out!

In math this week, we continued to learn about financial literacy by reviewing our Canadian coins, learning poems about each coin to help us remember their values and their defining characteristics. To practice our coin identification skills, we played a few rounds of money bingo which students really enjoyed!

This week, we also did an interesting art activity that allowed us to see the connection between art and music. Students listened to 4 very different songs and tried to guide their pencil to the beat of the music. By the end of this portion of the activity, students could visualize the different beats and different styles of music on their page. Following this, students were challenged to find objects within their scribbles and turn it into art! This was a fun activity and allowed students to explore the many meanings of art.

We had a busy week and also learned about some more careers in the community. Students were paired up and sent to a station where they read about a career. Then they put on their thinking caps to answers some questions about each career and, finally, they shared what they learned with the class.

A few other fun activities from this week include scooter boards in P.E., library time, one-on-one reading with Ms. Laforce, and a nature walk complete with free forest exploration. I believe this forest time was definitely a highlight for many students. With the weather (hopefully!) warming up, my goal is to have more opportunities for outdoor learning and fun!

I think this was an AWESOME week, and I look forward to next week!

~ Ms. Laforce

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