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A week to celebrate the earth!

Last week we celebrated Earth Day! Students explored the topic in our morning warm-ups with colouring sheets and word searches. It was a nice way to calmly start our mornings while getting students thinking about the topic.

Some other ways we celebrated Earth Day include reading a book titled "Bella and Jack Bring Back the Bees". We discussed the importance of bees for our planet and some ways that we can support the bee population. Then, we headed outside to create some "bee bombs". These are seed balls made of natural clay, dirt, water, and wildflower seeds. Students can go on a nature walk, throw their bee bombs, and wildflowers will grow, supporting bees and other pollinators!

As well, students created posters reminder others of the importance of protecting our planet. Students were excited to be creative and they were given the chance to hang these posters up around the school to remind their peers of how to take care of the earth!

In addition to learning about Earth Day, we had some other great learning opportunities. In language arts, we turned our story maps from last week's story workshop into real stories. I was so impressed with the level of writing that came out of this activity! As well, we continued on with our novel study, focusing on character traits, exploring "inside" and "outside" character traits, as well as played an iPad game to learn about the main idea of a text to help support students' Lapbook creations at home.

In math, we wrapped up our unit on probability by having students explore probability stations and play our probability scenarios game.

Finally, students created their own spinners, predicted the least and most likely outcomes, and then put their spinners to the test, using tally marks to record the outcomes and comparing this to their predictions.

Lastly, in social studies, we began looking at government. We talked about Canada, British Columbia, and Langley as three different areas, and connected these to government responsibilities. We discussed who were the leaders of these different levels of government, and did a whole class sort of different responsibilities.

We wrapped up our week with some centre time with Ms. Sahota's class. Overall, this was a great week!

~ Ms. Laforce

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