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Almost Winter Break!

We had a fun and action-packed week in class this week! In language arts this week, we wrote a fun journal about the snow day! We wrote about our favourite activities when it snows, as well as what we would do if school was cancelled because of the snow. We focused on proper capitalization, punctuation, and including plenty of adjectives to enrich our writing. Also, we continued to focus on punctuation and capitalization with a partner activity. Students wrote 3+ "silly sentences" that purposely had incorrect punctuation and capitalization and swapped with a partner to correct each other's work. The students had a blast with this activity!

In math this week, we wrapped up our subtraction unit with a review and a quiz. Students worked so hard and showed me their subtraction knowledge. After they finished their quiz, students got to play math games on the iPad!

For social studies, we were fortunate enough to have Karen Gabriel, a local Indigenous Elder, visit our class and teach us about a day in the life of a Stó:lō community member. We learned about the types of homes she has lived in, where she has lived in B.C., what her house looked like, and what she does on a day-to-day basis. Then she shared some videos about Pow Wows and special types of dances that are a part of her culture. Finally, she shared with us a video of her making bannock, a traditional bread. This activity was very interesting for the students and they enjoyed having the opportunity to ask questions about Indigenous cultures from an Elder who is very knowledgeable.

As well, in social studies, students got a chance to share their global community projects with the class. The class enjoyed sharing all their learning with their classmates and it was a great opportunity for the students to learn about cultures all around the world!

In science this week, we wrapped up our ecosystems unit by looking at animal adaptations that help them live in their different ecosystems. We followed a hands-on lesson from "Mystery Doug" and discussed how animals adapt to best live in their ecosystems around the world. Finally, we did a brainstorm web to review all the things we learned about ecosystems during this unit. I look forward to having the students share their ecosystems dioramas next week!

Some other fun things we did this week include a winter-themed word search, Winter Showcase performance practice, and a lesson on being a kind friend. We read the book "Invisible Boy" that talked about a young boy who felt invisible because he did not have any friends and once he felt included he brightened up. Then we discussed and made a poster about what a good friend looks like, sounds like, and feels like. This was a meaningful discussion.

Lastly, perhaps the most fun activity of the week, was our igloo building on Monday afternoon! We all went outside at the end of the day and worked together to try to build an igloo. The class had a blast but, secretly, I was also using this opportunity to assess the students on their ability to have roles and work together towards a collective goal. I was so impressed by everyone's eagerness to be kind to each other and work together. We had a blast in the know!

I am looking forward to next week, our last week before winter break, as I know it will be a wonderful week!

~ Ms. Laforce

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