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Another short week!

We had another short at U-Connect this week! I hope everyone enjoyed their extra long time at home! I was able to do plenty of great learning on our Professional Development day on Monday! A short week means a short blog...

This week, we enjoyed a spring colouring sheet as our morning warm-up and students shared something terrific about their weekend during our morning meeting. It is always so great to hear what fun things students get up while at home!

In math, we began a new math unit on financial literacy. We learned about the names, identifying characteristics, and values of each Canadian coin. Then we practiced identifying coins as a group at the carpet, followed with a Canadian Money "I Spy" activity.

For grade 3s and those needing more of a challenge, students were tasked with finding the total value of a collection of coins. We wrapped up our lesson with a money bingo to really solidify our coin identification skills. This was a fun introduction to financial literacy!

In language arts, we continued with our novel study, reading chapter 9 discussing some of the character traits we noticed, the main idea of the chapter, and sharing our predictions for what will happed next.

As well, we combined language arts with social studies for our writing activity this week. Continuing our discussion of government and the role of Canadian leaders, students had the opportunity to discuss and write about what they would do if they could be the Prime Minister fro the year. Students thought of a new law they would create, one way they would help the planet, and one fun thing they would do as Prime Minister. Students LOVED this activity and it was a great way to encourage some writing and discussion around government!

In the afternoon, students settled in with some silent and buddy reading and we finished the day off with a visit to the library. We also completed another fun, hands-on activity.... but it is a surprise :)

Have a great rest of your week everyone!

~ Ms. Laforce

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