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Fantastic First Week!

Updated: Sep 29, 2021

Wow! What a fantastic first week here in our grade 2/3 classroom! First, I must say, this is such a wonderful bunch of students - I feel so lucky to get to teach and learn from them this year!

This week we spent plenty of time getting to know each other, the classroom, the school, and the expectations at U-Connect. Monday morning was filled with ice breakers, classroom scavenger hunts, and a tour of the school. We also spent time creating our classroom rules together as a group. We focused on discussions around kindness and ways to be kind inside the classroom and out! On Monday, we also started to remind ourselves what it is like to be creative and to write! We completed a fun "squiggle writing" activity, where students used their imaginations to turn a squiggle into a drawing and then they got to tell the story of their drawing. I loved seeing everyone's ideas! Next we read a book about Terry Fox and discussed this important person. We talked about Terry Fox as a hero and what it means to be a hero.

We finished off our day with some free time to give the students a chance to get to know each other better.

Tuesday was full of learning and fun! We began our day with our first Morning Meeting (we will be doing this every day!). This is a time for students to answer a question of the day and connect with one another, as well as discuss the 'zones of regulation' as a way to check in with me and express their need for the day.

We also began our first science unit today which will be about life cycles. We watched some fun videos, read a book, and even played a game to learn the differences between metamorphic and non-metamorphic life cycles! We also discussed the importance of being a kind friend today.

The rest of our Tuesday was all about Terry Fox! We did some beautiful shoe art to represent Terry's run across Canada, we watched a presentation about the importance of continuing Terry Fox's legacy, and we completed the Terry Fox run outside in the beautiful weather! Finally, we finished off our day with some calm buddy reading.

Overall, this was a great first week! You can find an email from me on the morning of Wednesday, September 22nd with all the tasks to be completed at home this week. Happy learning!

~ Ms. Laforce

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