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First Week Back!

And..... we are back! Just like that, winter break is over and we are all back into the swing of things! It was so great seeing everyone's faces again this week, I missed all my students terribly. It was also fun to hear about everyone's winter breaks!

This week, we began a lot of new topics and dove head first into our learning. In language arts we began learning about the writing process by focusing on the brainstorming stage. We examined different types of graphic organizers and students picked one that best suited their learning style. They then used these organizers to plan a story they will write about their most exciting day ever! Also in language arts, we began learning about the skill of predicting and discussed why this makes us better readers. Finally, we practice our sentence building using fun, magnetic word tiles!

In math, we learned about comparing and ordering numbers. We played some partner games and a whole-class game to get introduced to this concept. Then, we solidified our learning with a worksheet. I could tell everyone already understood this concept before I even explained it! All our hard work getting down a foundation in math during term 1 is paying off!

In science this week, we began a short unit on chemical and physical changes. First, we discussed states of matter and brainstormed examples of solids, liquids, and gases. Then, we discussed the difference between physical and chemical changes. Lastly, we did two experiments to see if we could use our observations and our new knowledge to identify chemical and physical changes. This was a fun lesson!

In social studies, we began a short unit on human actions and their effects on others and the world. To begin this concept we looked at the difference between cause and effect. First, we looked at some real-life examples of cause and effect, then we defined these two terms, and finally, we practiced with a cut and paste sorting activity. Students will get the chance to further practice this concept at home this week.

A few other fun things we did this week include: a P.E. game called "Hungry, Hungry Monsters", a visit to the library where Mrs. Lewis read us a fun book, ecosystem diorama shares from Mimi and Norah (they both did an amazing job!), and a team challenge. The team challenge involved students having to make the longest paper chain possible using only 3 pieces of paper. Students were given time to brainstorm as a team, assign roles, and work together to accomplish a goal. I loved seeing everyone work together so well and to hear their strategies for completing the task. This was a fun activity and we will certainly do some more team challenges as they are a great way to promote classroom community, kindness, teamwork, and working towards a common goal.

This was a fun and jam-packed week! I am looking forward to next week for more learning!

~ Ms. Laforce

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