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Friendship Party Time!

This week we celebrated our Classroom Friendship Party in lieu of a Valentine's Day party. We had great fun! We had some morning warm-up activities related to friendship and Valentine's Day, we read a book about friendship, we did some Valentine's Day themes math and writing activities, and students shared Valentines with each other!

In language arts this week, we continued on with our writing process, moving onto the editing step. We also wrote Valentine's Day acrostic poems. First we practiced this as a class using the word "friendship". Check out the picture to see how amazing this poem turned out - I was really proud!

In science this week, we moved onto a new concept: forces. We read a story about movement and forces, learned about push and pull forces, and played a game of "Kahoot" to practice identifying pushes and pulls. This was fun!

In math, we continued to learn about shapes. We practiced identifying and sorting 2D shapes and completed a colour by shape activity. Next. we learned about 3D shapes. We practiced saying their names, understanding how to tell if a shape is 2D or 3D, matched 2D shapes to their 3D partners, and played a game to find these shapes in our classroom.

In social studies, we have been learning about cause and effect, as well as how humans’ actions can have good or bad consequences on the planet. We learned about the environmental impacts of different towns around the world, you practiced understanding a simple way to help the environment (recycling) at home last week, and this week we furthered this conversation by reading “Greta and the Giants”, a story based on Greta Thunberg’s fight to save the planet. After reading the story, we discussed ways we can be “like the giants at the end of the story” by helping our planet/the environment.

Some other fun activities this week include decorating personalized envelopes to store the Valentine's shared by classmates, visiting the library STEM stations, a book exchange and a read aloud, and completing a love/friendship themed directed drawing (of baby Yoda holding a heart - the class voted for this one!). Overall, we had a fun week!

Have a great week,

~ Ms. Laforce

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