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Getting Started with U-Connect!

U-Connect is an exciting, innovative, distributed learning program designed for students of all different backgrounds! Whether you want more time at home with your student, you desire more flexibility in their learning schedule to accommodate for extracurriculars, or 5 days of in-class learning is too much for your student, U-Connect can provide your student with the learning experience that best suits them!

What does U-Connect look like?

At U-Connect, students attend classes for two days a week, with optional Wednesday learning opportunities. Parents are then given curricular material that they may cover over the remainder of the week. Where and when this material is covered is up to each parent, enabling each flexibility in learning for every family.

The first week of school:

During the first week of school, meetings occur between teachers, parents, and students to discuss the program expectations and the get to know one another. At these meetings, you can expect to learn all about the next steps in getting your students settled before classes begin!

Your teacher cannot wait to meet you and to get started on an incredible year!

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