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It's Almost Easter!

It was so nice to be back with the students for both days this week! We did plenty of learning with lots of fun sprinkled in!

In math this week, we finished up our unit on data and graphing with students creating their own survey questions, surveying our class and Ms. Sahota’s class, recording their answers as data, transforming this data into concrete graphs, and finally into pictographs! Students really enjoyed this activity and it allowed me to get a solid assessment of their knowledge on this subject.

In language arts, we continued with our novel study on Charlotte’s Web this week! As previously mentioned, we will be working on this both at home and at school from now until the end of the school year. This week, we read chapters 3-5 of our novel and discussed predictions for the next chapter, as well as visualized the story by creating a labeled drawing of something that has happened so far.

Also in language arts, we discussed what U-Connect means to us (why do we like it here, why is it a good fit for us, etc.), as part of a program-wide activity to help create a U-Connect motto. After a group brainstorming session to come up with key words, students chose their top 3 words. From there, I create a word cloud showing how our class feels about U-Connect - check it out here!

In art this week, we explored a new medium: oil pastels! We used this to create springtime bunnies (or Easter bunnies if you celebrate). Students really enjoyed this activity and I think it is my favourite project yet! They turned out so great!

Another activity we did this week includes talking about ways to keep our bodies healthy. We learned about Jump Rope for Heart and the money it raises for the Heart and Stroke Foundation. As well, we began learning jump rope skills in P.E. (this will continue for a few weeks). Finally, we discussed the acronym EASY (Eat fruit and vegetables; Active for 1 hour or more everyday; Screens for less than 2 hours a day; Yes to water and no to sugary foods) to help us understand some attainable ways to stay healthy. Finally, we also visited the library where we chose new books and heard a story from Mrs. Lewis!

Happy long weekend everyone, see you next week!

~ Ms. Laforce

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