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Last Week Before Spring Break!

We had lots of fun this week, but we also worked hard to wrap up a few things before students get some well-deserved time off! We did a few fun, spring-themed activities like a spring word search and a kitten Leprechaun directed drawing!

In language arts, we worked on our good copy of our writing to wrap up our unit on the writing process. Students were working so hard, creating examples of their very best writing! We also finished our 'Emotions Journals', completing the last emotion, scared, and putting it all together into a book. Students enjoyed creating the books and now they have an example, created by them, of how emotions look and feel, as well as how to help when negative emotions come up. I encourage students to keep these journals throughout their schooling!

In math, we reviewed perimeter (and area for the grade 3s) and shapes with two fun activities. For perimeter and area, we completed another character on grid paper to practice measuring. For our shapes review, students made shape "monsters" and other characters out of colourful paper, then they described the shapes in their characters, as well as the shape's attributes. Students really enjoyed this activity!

A few other fun things we did this week include some group games and bowling in P.E., centre time with Ms. Sahota's class, and a visit to the library to exchange books and have a story read to us by Ms. Lewis. Overall, I think we had a great last week!

Have a good Spring Break everyone!

~ Ms. Laforce

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