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Our short but great "week"

This week was a short one, but it was still filled with great learning and fun activities! On Tuesday, we began our morning with our daily warm-up work, which was search and find colouring sheet! After we had some time to settle in, we had our morning meeting. This part of our morning routine is my favourite, as it gives me a chance to connect with and check in with each student before we get started on our academics. When we share our zones of regulation, I know that if everyone is sad and sleepy I should take things easy in the morning! This Tuesday back after a long weekend had us all tired, even Ms. Laforce :)

As part of our morning meeting this week, we did what I like to call the "bandaid activity". This activity allows students to tangibly see the concept of equity over equality. In the activity, I ask every student to think of an imaginary scrape on their bodies. Then, one at a time, I ask students to come up and show me where their "scrape" is for me to give them a bandaid. Except, the trick is that, no matter where their "scrape" is, I place the bandaid in the exact same spot for every student (in the location of the first child's "scrape"). Students quickly realize how silly it is to give every child the SAME thing, rather than giving everyone what they NEED.

This activity allowed us to discuss the fact that different students in the class will need different supports and activities to be successful at school. We discussed how everyone needs something different and if someone has an adaptation in class we now know not to say "That's not fair!". It was great to see this concept click for everyone!

After our morning meeting, we had our last place value lesson. The students played a fun game of "I Have, Who Has?" with visual and numerical representations of place value. At the same time, I called up students one at a time to individually asses their understanding of place value. I am so happy to say that this whole class is made up of place value masters! This means we are ready to move onto number representations next week!

After snack and recess, we continued on with the concept of making connections to the stories we read. This time, we read a book titled "It's OK to be Different" and placed sticky notes on the pages where we found a connection. The students were able to find so many connections to the book, all while engaging in a discussions about accepting everyone for who they are!

After some iPad time to continue to grow our understanding of how to use technology, we had lunch. After lunch and silent reading, we continued with our life cycles unit in science. This time, we read the book "P'ésk'a and the First Salmon Ceremony". We used this book as a jumping off point for discussions around the connection between local Indigenous peoples and animals/nature/life cycles. We discussed what we can learn from Indigenous peoples when learning about animals and nature.

Finally, after spelling, we had a fun art activity! We continued creating our portraits and they are all ready for the next step of this art project. As you know, next week, we will be adding cut outs from newspapers, magazines, or flyers to represent things the students like, care about, or are part of their culture and identity! Some of us finished early and got to make a turkey craft as well!

Finally, we finished off our day by having a few friends share their identity bags. It is so great to learn about each other in this meaningful way! Although this was a short "week", it was a great one!

I cannot wait to see everyone next week!

~ Ms. Laforce

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