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We made it to winter break!

Can you believe it? It is already winter break and we have completed our final week of class of 2021! This first portion of the school year has gone by so fast and we have experienced so many things together as a class. I am so grateful for each and every one of my students!

This week was jam packed with fun activities! In language arts we read an interesting book called "If I Built a House" all about a boy's impressive imagination when designing his dream home. Then, students did a journal write about their own dream home, complete with a picture. The class had a blast with this activity. The next day in language arts, we reviewed parts of speech by completing a silly winter-themed mad libs in pairs. When I read each partners' story to class, there were plenty of giggles. Someone even laughed so hard, they cried!

In math this week, we finished up our learning on estimating. First we estimated how many jelly beans were in a jar and discussed some estimation strategies. This was followed-up by a brief worksheet to check for understanding. On Tuesday, we Christmas-ified our estimating! I placed jars full of different Christmas-themed items around the classroom in stations and students went from station to station with clipboards, estimating the number of items in each jar. Then as a class we went around to the stations and I revealed the true number of items in each jar. This lead to a discussion about estimation strategies. It was great fun!

In science this week, students shared their AMAZING ecosystem dioramas. They showed the class their dioramas, explained what ecosystem they chose, where you might be able to find this ecosystem on earth, listed living and non-living things, and fielded questions from their peers about their project. It was wonderful to see the students take ownership of their learning and have the opportunity to present all their hard work to their classmates. I must say, I was very impressed with these projects!!

Some other fun activities from this week include, of course, our Winter Showcase on Monday. Thank you to all the family members that came out to watch and support your children, they had been working very hard on their performance! As well, we had a special library visit this week where we got to join Ms. Sahota's class for a story read by Mrs. Lewis, the librarian. The students very much enjoyed this.

On our final day of school, we celebrated with some fun activities such as making a snowman ornament. Students can hang this wherever they like, whether on a Christmas tree, in their room, off their backpack, etc. They enjoyed this hands-on craft! We also ended our day with hot chocolate, a movie, and some free time. I heard many students say that "this was the best day ever!" :)

I hope everyone enjoys their winter break and takes some time to be with family and relax before the new year!

~ Ms. Laforce

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