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Week 5 already!?

How has it already been 5 amazing weeks with these wonderful students!? So much fun, learning, and connecting has been happening over the last 5 weeks and I am so grateful for it!

This week started off with our morning warm-up work like usual. Only this time, Ms. Laforce needed some help! For morning work, I had the students help me decorate the classroom for Halloween. I asked them to help colour and cut out Halloween inspired photos. They loved this and now our class is very festive!

Check it out below!!

After our fun morning and our morning meeting to check in with our feelings and share what we did over the weekend, we moved on to math. We began our discussion around multiple number representations. We did some practice as a group, watched a fun video about this topic, and then we practiced representing numbers in different ways at our desks with individual whiteboards!

After math, snack, and recess, we moved onto a new concept in language arts: visualizing! We practiced closing our eyes and visualizing what a story was telling us. This was fun and everyone showed me their great imaginations.

Next, in social studies, we continued on in our unit on global communities and cultures. We had already spent time discussing and sharing our own cultures, so this day we began looking at others around the world. We watched a video of a read aloud of the book "What Does it Mean to be Global?", we discussed the concept of a community, and we shared ways we can be global in our everyday lives.

After lunch and silent reading, we had our first lesson in career. We discussed goal setting and we all came up with a goal. Students chose goals related to school, home life, after-school activities, and even future careers. We wrote down our goals and drew a picture of what it would look like to accomplish our goal. Next, went to the library for our weekly book exchange. The students really enjoy getting to explore the hundreds of books in our library!

After spelling and tidying up the classroom for the end of the day, Norah shared her identity bag with us. It is so great to see the students sharing about their identities and cultures!

Unfortunately, I was not in class on Tuesday :( However, a wonderful substitute teacher with many years of experience took my place! She told me that this class was lovely and that she would love to come back anytime (amazing job everyone!!). While I was away, the class still had fun and did lots of learning. After their morning routine, everyone played a fun dice game to practice more number representations in math. I heard they had a blast with this, all while showing their knowledge of the concept!

After snack and recess, the class continued to practice the concept of visualizing. They heard a fun story called "Probably Pistachio" and practiced turning their mental visualizations into pictures. The substitute teacher told me the class really enjoyed this activity!

After some iPad time to celebrate Digital Citizenship Week, students had lunch and played outside for recess. After recess, the class had P.E. where they played a fun science-related tag game using the concepts of herbivores, omnivores, carnivores, predators, and prey. After P.E. the class had art. In art, the students completed their identity portraits by adding their magazine clippings. Thank you to everyone for finding clippings and sending them in with your students!! These projects turned out great and were a nice way to demonstrate our identities, while also combining multiple art forms such as collage work and colouring! Check them out!

Finally, the students ended the day by hearing about Armand's identity bag. The substitute teacher told me he did a fantastic job sharing and was very enthusiastic! Overall, this week a great week!

I look forward to seeing everyone's Halloween costumes/pyjamas on Monday!

~ Ms. Laforce

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