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Science Class

Science    Resources

Chemical Reactions

Click here to watch a video of a fun experiment that demonstrates a chemical reaction! We watched this in class and many students were hoping to try it at home as well!

Local Animals 

Click here to listen to a story showing the connection between local animals and Indigenous perspectives.  

The Life Cycle Song

Click here to listen to a fun song about life cycles! This is great way to solidify learning while getting in some movement if you dance along!

Animal Adaptations

Click here to watch a video and follow a hands-on activity about animal adaptations and how this influences their ecosystems! 

Indigenous Connection to Animals

Click here to listen to a story demonstrating one example of how Indigenous people in BC share knowledge about animals. 

Metamorphic Life Cycles

Click here to view a video reviewing metamorphic life cycles.


Click here to watch a video all about ecosystems, how they, work, and what they include! Use this resource to support your child with the "Ecosystem Discovery" activity! 

Salmon and Indigenous Peoples

Click here to learn about how salmon are an important part of local Indigenous peoples lives and culture. We can learn so much about nature and life cycles from Indigenous knowledge! 

Extra Life Cycle Activity

Click here to follow along with a brief life cycles lesson plan and an associated craft!

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