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Social Studies Resources

PowWow Dances

We learned from a local Indigenous Elder this week and she shared some videos of traditional Indigenous dances that happen at PowWows in British Columbia! Click here to see a playlist of a few dances! 

Hannukah Fun!

We learned about Hanukkah in class as we continue to explore other cultures around the world. We made a Hanukkah-inspired menorah craft - click here to find some other Hanukkah crafts to do at home! Another fun way to consider Hanukkah and celebrate this holiday's colours is by making a fun Hanukkah slime! Click here for instructions! Finally, if you want to know more about Hanukkah in general, click here!

National Day of Truth and Reconciliation

Click here for a list of ways to respectfully observe this important day, as well as age-appropriate books and videos to share with your children.

Bannock Recipes!

We learned from a local Indigenous Elder this week and she shared her instructional videos and recipes to make traditional bannock! Click here for a plain bannock video. Click here for an apple and cinnamon bannock video. Click here for a cheese and dill bannock video! 

Indian Culture and Diwali

We learned about Indian culture and Diwali in class. Diwali is celebrated on November 4th this year. Click here to learn more about this celebration! Click here to see the craft we did together in class!

Terry Fox - learn more!

Click here to check out a virtual Terry Fox-inspired classroom - complete with activities, books, and videos!

Local Indigenous Communities

We learned about local Indigenous communities in class. We explore a great website to learn about their land and their language. Click here to learn more about this community! NOTE: please stay away from the artifacts/tools section of the website as this will be explored in class at a later date!

What does it mean to be global?

Click here to watch a read aloud of a book we used to discuss the idea of being global. 

Terry Fox - Colouring

Here are some colouring sheets to continue to spark the discussion around Terry Fox.

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