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A special guest...

Although this was a short week, we certainly packed in some fun activities!! This week, students' inquiry projects were due and let me tell you, I was SOOOOO impressed with what I saw and heard! I was blown away by all the hard work that went into these projects, the creativity behind how they chose to present their learning, and, most importantly, the excitement in their eyes as they shared what they learned about a topic that was really interesting to them! This was definitely my favourite project of the year!

When we arrived at school, we had our morning warm-up where students solved spring-themed riddles, then students were able to share their projects with their peers. This was so wonderful to see, and was good practice before next week's science fair!

After recess, we continued to work on our stories we have been creating. Students are working to finish up their ToonTastic versions of their stories. So far they are looking great! Students have created their characters, settings, and many of them have already added their dialogue for the beginning, middle, and end of their stories. This has been a great way to connect language arts and ADST (technology skills)!

After a game to practice our learning in health, we ate lunch and the students played outside. After recess, it was time for our special guest! My brother came into our class to teach us how to water paint with a special type of water paint called gouash! My brother started painting during COVID and quickly became an amazing artist. For Christmas, his gift to me was coming into the classroom to teach an art lesson! This was so wonderful! He taught the class about paint techniques, concepts of depth and perspective, colour combos, and so much more. Then, he guided us step by step to create a beautiful mountain landscape. Both my brother and I were extremely impressed at the students' artistic ability and thought that their paintings looked absolutely beautiful. This was a fun and meaningful learning opportunity and I am so grateful we al got to experience it!

Our short week was certainly a good one! I cannot believe there are only 2 more in-class school weeks left!!

~ Ms. Laforce

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