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Science Fair!

This week included some fun events: we released the butterflies we had been watching transform in our class, and we had our U-Connect science fair! What fun!

Students have been observing caterpillars turn into butterflies over the last month or so and it has been lots of fun! On Monday, students made observations and predicted what would happen when we opened up the butterfly cage. Then they were able to experience releasing the butterflies out into the world. This was an awesome way to be scientists all while having some fun! Special thanks to Armand's mom for providing us with the caterpillars!

On Tuesday, we did language arts outside as we create a springtime 5 sense poem. Students got to sit and explore outside while they used their 5 senses to describe spring. This was a fun activity! We also continued to practice our food groups knowledge by playing a few rounds of "What Food am I?". Students were secretly given a food taped to their back and they had to ask yes or no questions to guess what it was. So fun!

In the afternoon, we set up and got prepared for our science fair. Students from the Simonds side and the U-Connect side visited our classroom to ask our students about their inquiry projects. Then, we were lucky enough to have some parents come and visit as well! I was so proud of everyone for being able to answer questions and share about their special topics. This was such a wonderful activity!

~ Ms. Laforce

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