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Well, this week was certainly an exciting one... as a few students said, it was "the best week of school ever!!" :) As you know, students have been working hard to follow classroom expectations to earn a class reward. A few months ago, the class collaborated to come up with some classroom expectations on which we needed to work a little harder. These expectations were then turned into a Minecraft-themed reward system to encourage students to follow the expectations. After this, we voted as a class on what reward we wanted after achieving the goal. The class decided on an ice cream party and this week we got to finally celebrate! Students loved choosing toppings such as whipped cream, sprinkles, and chocolate sauce to go on top of their ice cream. Students enjoyed their sundaes while they coloured ice cream-themed colouring sheets and we watched an episode of "The Magic School Bus". This was an awesome way to end the day!

This week, we also began learning how to tell time. We learned about the minute hand and the hour hand, how many minutes are in an hour, and we practiced skip counting by 5s. Then, we made our own paper plate clocks which we used to practice representing a given time. This was a fun, hands-on way to introduce students to the concept of time!

In language arts this week, we continued with our novel study, our spelling program, and our sight words program, ensuring we maintain our word work and reading skills into the end of the school year. As well, we continued to work on our stories created last week during our story workshop. This week, we turned our story plans into full written stories and then students began turning their stories into digital versions, using the ToonTastic app. This was great fun and I am looking forward to the finished products next week!

A few other fun activities from this week include, a lesson on health, where we talked about the 4 food groups, shared examples of foods in each category, and discussed the importance of eating food from each category to make sure we get all the vitamins and nutrients we need to be healthy.

As well, we had library this week to exchange our books and three stories from Mrs. Lewis! We also got to participate in a science experiment in Mrs. Layton's class! Finally, we had P.E. outdoors this week. Students explored the forest behind our school, worked together to build and create, and we played a fun game of "Night at the Museum". This was a blast!

Another great week in the books!

~ Ms. Laforce

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