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The final week... :(

Wow, I cannot believe we completed the final week of the school year and that this is the final blog post! I am so sad this year is over as I have truly loved every minute of my time with the students. However, I know they will have an awesome year next year as well!

Since this was our last week of school, it was full of plenty of fun activities, designed for students to enjoy themselves and the school, as well as give them opportunities to connect with each other one last time. On Monday, we did a group activity where we went through the alphabet and wrote down all the things we learned and did together this year starting with each letter of the alphabet. This was a fun way to reminisce about this year. Then did a surprise art project ;)

After lunch, students got the chance to read together one last time before some outside P.E. time. Finally, we ended off the day with some centres with Ms. Sahota's class - this is always a winner!

On Tuesday, it was our pajama/stuffy/movie/popcorn day!! We started our morning with art, then students got the chance to introduce their stuffed animal friends to the class during morning meeting. Next, we decorated and signed our t-shirts. This was super fun and makes for a nice keepsake from this year!

After recess, we had some forest playtime with Ms. Sahota's class followed by a nice nature walk. Then, students were tasked with completing some team challenges! They were asked to make the longest paper chain possible, being given only three pieces of paper and 15 minutes. They did great! Next up was our card tower challenged. Students were competing as one big group against me! They beat me and won a piece of candy!

After lunch, we settled in for our movie! Of course, we had to watch "Charlotte's Web"! Students brought out snacks and I handed out popcorn. This was a cozy way to end our day together. After some final farewells, students headed home from school for the last time this year...

I will miss you all dearly!


Ms. Laforce

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